Anonymous asked:

why are only men oppressors of women, aren't women also oppressors to other women, women have voting power and women still support patriarchy are pro life, shame other women for premarital sex and how they dress, for how other women look and there are a lot of ways women keep other women down. why isn't that counted and all of it is placed on men?

marinashutup answered:

Anyone who’s grown up in a patriarchal society has been socialized with those values so anyone (regardless of gender) can perpetuate sexism. However, an oppressed group can’t oppress their own group. They can internalize negative values about their own group but since they don’t have social power like the dominant group they cannot be oppressive, just prejudiced. For example, people of color can hold prejudice against other people of color but they can’t oppress them in the way that white people can. But yes let’s worry about how men are so persecuted.